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For a complete list of Jazz theory ideas, techniques, scales, chord progressions etc. see Jamey Aebersol's Web Site. These are not in all cases my choices of explanations in Jazz Theory, but they are a very complete list of almost every idea I have ever come across and studied.
Here is the link to Jamey Aebersol's free Jazz Handbook.

The Fingering Problem Book I wrote this book to help others understand the guitar harmonically, and hopefully cut some corners on the learning curve. It does not reveal much about using the fingerings, just what and where they are. This first volume deals only with the most consonant sounds. More dissonant altered sounds and chord substitutions will be covered in a later volume. I am currently working on a supplement which covers Pentatonic and Blues scales.

Guitar Technique

Don Haas Chord Subs

Scale Fingerings

Melodic lines for the five scale fingerings

Directional Fingering/Improvisation

Harmonic Issues

Piano chords for non-piano players

All The Chords There Are (an organized approach to learning chords)

This one is not complete yet, but will be soon.

Chord Melody from the bottom up


Pat Martino's Website

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Broadcasts live on 90.7 from New Orleans. Here is the Live Stream they provide.
Go to WWOZ for a schedule of the live broadcast. WWOZ is nationally famous for New Orleans local and traditional music

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The Lydian Concept by George Russell.

Thursday, 1 Nov 2001 11:39:29 EST
George Russell's Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization.
VOLUME ONE: THE ART AND SCIENCE OF TONAL GRAVITY is now available for purchase on George Russell's web site.