I just like listening to Jazz - KCSM San Francisco Bay Area 24 hour Jazz - WWOZ from New Orleans


Please check out Toninho Horta Brazilian Guitarist. Probably one of the most important musicians of our era.

Here is Kenny Werner's site.
I saw Kenny Werner several times touring with Toots Thielemans in California. I highly recommend seeing Kenny play with Toots. Kenny also has many dates with his trio listed on his web site.

A while back Uwe Kropinski did a clinic at Delta College in Stockton with David Friesen and was fantastic. The clinic was for Thomastik-Infeld strings. You can view Uwe Kropinski's 39 fret Guitar The Dolphin from his web site. Check out Uwe Kropinski's introduction to his music.

Bruce Forman Web site. Bruce is truly one of the greatest Guitarists around. Bruce is available for lessons and workshops. You can even ask him a question directly at his site. It's under studio.

Flamenco is of special interest to me. It is great for developing technique and physical strength as a guitar player. Chuck Keyser has a lot of great information on traditional Flamenco guitar. He is also selling 4 cd's. They include his home study course for Flamenco guitar and many papers on Flamenco forms. They are not cheap, but more than worth the money for priceless information you will not find anywhere. I recommend it.
Flamenco is probably one of the few older art forms that lasted into modern times and then almost completely disappeared as it used to be. There are may that seek to keep it alive and/or develop it further, but Flamenco as a life style of the family unit and it's true tradition is gone. And it disappeared in my life time. See Chuck Keyser's site for interesting papers he has written on the tradition as well as his course.

Finally here is a link to The Fine Fretted String Instruments sight. FFSI
This site is hosted by the FFSI store in Camble California. They offer impossible to find cd's of the great classical guitarists, and all the sheet music for guitar you could dream of. This includes the Duende Flamenco series provided by one of Chuck Keyser's students.

Tuck & Patti

A really good Pat Metheny link
And Pat Metheny's main site Pat Metheny Group link

Paul Rinzler, Director of Jazz Studies has some really interesting information on Jazz Arranging and improvisation

Ralph Patt's Jazz Web Site features:
The Vanilla Book a resource for the working or aspiring jazz musician that contains basic chord changes to over 400 standard tunes.

Jazz Trumpet Transcriptions I have always learned a lot from reading other peoples solos. This sight has a lot of Trumpet solos.

Lucas Pickford's Bass site has some really interesting stuff and transcriptions.
Jazz Biographies on PBS

Internet Radio is on the rise so try the San Francisco Bay Area's 24 hour Jazz Station
at the College of San Mateo KCSM.

And from New Orleans WWOZ.

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